hazardous shipping, non hazardous shipping, perishables

Our Services range from Flatbed, Tanker,
and Reefer Trailers.

Through the versatility of our staff and equipment, our services are flexible, which enhance our ability to service our customers. All of our staff and drivers are well trained to handle logistics, safety, DOT Compliance & emergency situations. With our experience and trained personnel, we deliver when others cannot and perform at a level that other companies cannot compete with.

Flatbed Trailer Service

We move everything from Landscape Materials, Lumber, Brick, Pipe, Steel, and Coils that cannot otherwise be transported in a Van/Reefer Trailer. Our Flatbed service also includes some stepdecks, which help when loads are too high to transport on conventional flatbeds.

Tanker Trailer Service

We have 14 chemical tankers (to include multiple compartment tanks), 2 jet fuel tankers and 2 asphalt tankers, which help us to service a variety of customers with a variety of products to include: Soaps, Jet Fuel, Asphalt, and De-Icers.* We also have the ability to move Isotanks on a chassis. We have the ability to pump-out and air-off any load.

Reefer Trailer Service

Reefer Trailer Service is our newest service; right now, we haul vegetables and perishable goods. Though it is our newest service, we look forward to expanding and hauling more products for more companies.

If you are unsure of whether or not our services are right for you,
please feel free to contact us.